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John Carroll Electric


A Trusted Nicholasville Electrical Contractor for Over 25 Years!

Everyone loves to talk about their next great DIY project, and that’s great, but some things still shouldn’t be attempted by anyone except a trained professional. For those jobs there’s John Carroll.
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Residential and Commercial Services

There are only a few things more frustrating than finding the right contractor for your job only to discover that they do not service your needs. That's why many years ago we decided to start servicing both residential and commercial clients.

Regardless of whether you’re the property owner of an eighteen story skyscraper, or looking to fix the shoddy wiring in the house you just bought, we have the technical expertise to make sure the job is not only done right but that it’s done efficiently as well.

Electrical Repair

Nothing in life lasts forever, and that includes the wiring in your house as well as the appliances they lead to. Don't fret, anything that can be damaged can almost always be made new again. Whether your troubles amount to faulty wiring, or more serious problems, we are capable of finding the solutions that will have you back up and running in no time at all.

No challenge is too small or too large, we handle everything from lighting, circuit breaker repair, and maintenance work on various power generators. Electricity keeps the world running, there’s no reason you should be inconvenienced any longer than necessary.

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In the days before PCs and the internet, the word “installation” always meant some form of manual labor. 

At John Carroll Electric, we’ll never shy away from helping you install the electrical necessities of your life. There are power generators and emergency generators, lighting systems in new and already established architecture, as well as fuse box and circuit break installations on new residences.

When it comes to installations, we can be counted on to do it right the first time, every time.
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